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Lost and Found

About This Project

Lost & Found is a unique magical realism tale about love and loss created by Director Elad Tzadok. With a visual style inspired by the work of Norman Rockwell and an offbeat sense of humor that walks the fine line of comedy and tragedy – The film explorers the notion that sometimes, in order to find what you were looking for, you first have to get lost.


The Warehouse behind the Lost and Found office at the Western Pacific train station. is a very unique place. It is the place in which anything that gets lost in the world could be found.
This is the unlikely story of Harold Tetford, the clerk at lost and found office, and his search for the one lost thing he can’t find. His wife.

Everything changes for him when Sally, an 8 year old girl, emerges out of the back of the warehouse looking for her lost dad. Together they go searching through the warehouse and learn that sometimes in order to find something, you first have to get lost.

Cast: Thomas Orr-Loney, Havana Guppy, Sean Oliver, Krista Magnusson, Krista Rand, Maurice Bridge
Writer / Director: Elad Tzadok
Producers: Collin Morrison, Jacob McNeil, Elad Tzadok and Rebecca Wass
Cinematographer: Stirling Bancroft
Editor: Collin Morrison
Production Designer: Rebecca Wass
Sound Designer: Jacob McNeil
Composer: Iman Habibi


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